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Christmas Devotional


There are SO. MANY. good resources out there. How do you even go about finding something on the massive internet? Yeah, it’s exhausting.

But when I find one that makes life easier? Now THAT’S worth sharing.

Here are a few online resources that I particularly enjoy:


-Disciple Works

Guys. The content on this website is pure gold if you are a Christian looking for Bible studies, reading plans, evangelism tools, and more. I can’t say enough good things about this website and the guys who runs it, Bob Walz! He is a wonderful dude that Cully and I love learning from and laughing with.


-The Bible Project

The Bible Project for anyone wanting to learn more about the Bible in a new way. This website has TONS of helpful videos that overview themes, topics, and entire books of the Bible. Check it out!


-Operation World

Operation World is a fantastic and comprehensive website for praying all over the world! Every November on campus, we do “Nations November”, and one of the activities we do is pray for a different nation each day. Operation World’s website is easy to navigate and gives you specific prayer needs for each country and their people groups. It’s a great way to not only pray, but learn more about different countries.


There are so many more resources that I’d love to add on her later! If there’s a resources you continually go back to, what is it? I’d love to learn something new!





Let me know what you think!

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