My name is Carmen Galloway, and I’m 27 (ugh) and reside most often in Warrensburg, MO. My husband, Cully, and I have the privilege of doing collegiate ministry full-time. As our JOB. It’s seriously awesome and challenging, fun, and different every semester, week, and day. I really love the variety of it!

Writing, and especially journaling, have become a huge means of processing in the last few years. By writing or speaking my thoughts, I often process in ways I hadn’t already! So, this website is an exercise in doing just that and seeing what comes of it.

My hope is that this page would be a place of vulnerability–where honesty is seen rather than a seemingly perfect filter.

Thanks for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I’ve done a lot of “pro bono” college age ministry – and I want to encourage you that it’s never been more needed and it will always remain incredibly rewarding despite its many challenges. Be blessed and know you’re not alone and you are admired!

  2. Hi Carmen. My husband was a football coach at Central Missouri State in the 70’s!! I love that you are working with the Navigators. I have friends who found the Lord through them. May God bless your blogging ministry!

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